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Energetic Salsa

Established in 2000, the Energetic Salsa Program has been in ongoing development and growth for the last 15 years. As the Cornerstone of Energetic Soul, this program is based on solo footwork drills and patterns as well as a combination of several rhythms and their corresponding dances. Energetic Salsa gives students a fundamental understanding of solo dancing as well as linear and circular partner Salsa dancing. It is the beginning of Dance Adapt-Ability.


soUlºsa was developed by Duane Wrenn in 2001, as a way to bridge the gap between Linear and Circular Styles of Salsa Dancing. soUlºsa is partner style dancing that is inspired by Cuban Rhythms and dances. It is the next step in Dance Adapt-Ability. The soUlºsa program is based on five principles: Understanding music, timing & rhythm, self, objective of the dance, and how to connect and converse with your partner on the dance floor.

tImBa & AFRO-tImBa

AFRO-tImBa is the collaboration between Kati Hernandez of Kimbambula Productions and Duane Wrenn of Energetic Soul. AFRO Cuban based music, dancing and movement with an overall knowledge of Cuban culture, incorporating Folklore and Popular rhythms and backing it up with the proper Folklore and Popular dances in the form of drills for movement and musicality is the AFRO-tImBa mission.


SoulChiSa Created by Duane Wrenn and Dr. Jeya Aerenson brings the elements of Latin music and dance into every aspect of your life by enhancing your body movement, increasing your physical and mental stamina, and your ability to be in balance on and off of the dance floor. To learn more about SoulChiSa, click here

Become an Energetic Soul Instructor

The Energetic Soul Instructor Training Program is a comprehensive program that educates instructor candidates in an overall understanding of teaching the fundamentals of dance and rhythms that are part of the Salsa umbrella. The units in this program cover structure and methodology, musicality, body movement, footwork, as well as partner work.

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